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We are happy to radiate for your life:
Our specialists, medical assistants, medical radiation technicians and medical physicists. 

Dr. Esther Herrmann MD

Specialist in radiotherapy

Dr. Herrmann studied human medicine in Tübingen. After receiving her license, she gained several years of experience as an intern in the field of internal medicine, surgery and radiology, before completing her training as a specialist in radiotherapy at the University Hospital Tübingen. She then spent more than 10 years working as a senior physician in the Department of Radio-oncology and Practice for Radiation Therapy at the Eichert Clinic in Göppingen. Since September 2012, Dr. Herrmann has been working in the team of the MVZ Centre for Radiation Therapy in Stuttgart.

"For me it is important that our humanity is not neglected in our high-tech radiotherapy."

Dr. Dr. Patrizia Marini MD

Specialist in radiotherapy

Head physician of the Stuttgart Centre for Radiotherapy

Dr. Marini first studied biology at Stuttgart-Hohenheim with Prof. Heinz Breer rer. nat. Her doctorate led her to the Department of Childhood Surgery at the University Hospital of Tübingen, where she studied human medicine parallel to working on her doctorate. After receiving both her license as a doctor and her doctorate in both biology, specialising in human genetics and human medicine, she received her training as a specialist in radiotherapy at the University Hospital Tübingen for radio-oncology with Prof. Michael Bamberg MD. After her appointment as senior physician in 2009, she was appointed head physician at the Stuttgart Centre for Radiation Therapy in 2012.

"For me, every single person who comes to me as a patient is at the centre of my actions. My respect for the cultural roots of each patient is a matter of course.
It is important for me to communicate to our patients in an understandable manner, on what we have to do in order to treat their disease on the basis of the latest scientific knowledge and many years of experience - and to discuss with them what we or the patient themselves can contribute to their treatment."

Dr. Elke Scherer MD

Specialist in radiotherapy

Doctor for palliative medical care

Dr. Scherer studied human medicine in Mainz. After obtaining her license and working as a doctor in an internship in internal medicine, she received her specialist training at the Clinic for Radio-oncology and Practice for Radiotherapy at the Clinic at Eichert, Göppingen, with Prof. G. Becker MD.
As a specialist, she joined the Department of Radiooncology at the University of Tübingen for Prof. D. Zips.
In 2009, Dr. Scherer completed her further education: "doctor for palliative medicine". Since 2013, she has been a specialist in radiotherapy at the MVZ Center for Radiation Therapy in Stuttgart.

"My goal is to take the patient's fear of radiotherapy and to treat them in a friendly, trustworthy and relaxed environment."

Dr.-Ing. Daniel Hummel

Head medical physicist of the Stuttgart Centre for Radiotherapy and Medical Genetics 

Dr. Hummel studied mechanical engineering at the University of Stuttgart, specialising in biomedical engineering and nuclear engineering. He then trained as a specialist medical physicist in the Marienhospital Stuttgart and worked there from 2007 to 2011. He was also employed in Esslingen, Oberaudorf and Saarbrücken as a medical physicist and radiation protection officer. In 2013, he wrote his PhD thesis on the topic "Machine-related Quality Assurance for Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy". Since 2012, he has been part of the  MVZ Centre for Radiotherapy team in Stuttgart, where he has been working as a head medical physicist and technical radiation protection officer since 2013.

"My requirement is that every patient receives the optimal treatment. The same treatment, which one would also give to a close relative or good friend. My contribution to this is particularly in the context of individually optimised radiotherapy planning, accurate dosimetry and machine calibration as well as quality assurance which goes beyond the necessary minimum. In addition, a good team spirit, an open error culture and honest communication are particularly important to me." 

Kathrin Knapp

Senior medical radiation technologist (MTRA) and

healthcare administrator

Ms. Knapp graduated from her training as a MTRA at the University Hospital Tübingen. Afterwards, she remained faithful to the university hospital and decided to switch to working at the Clinic for Radiooncology as an MTRA.
During her normal activities as an MTRA, she trained as a senior medical technical assistant in Karlsruhe and completed her training as a healthcare administrator.
In 2014, she succeeded Dr. Marini as the Head MTRA at the Centre for Radiation Therapy in Stuttgart.

"A functioning team is the basis for the perfect, human care of patients. Only when all employees pull together can the best possible attention and care be given to every patient. We MTRAs work with the patients every day and want to help take away the timidity and fear of radiotherapy."

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Danuta Miller

Head medical assistant

Nadine Deeg

Medical assistant

Nadja Lang

Medical assistant

Britta Gollor

Medical radiation technologist

Monika Pastow

Medical radiation technologist

(Deputy head)

Helena Adis

Medical radiation technologist

Holger Diemer MA

  Managing Director of the Centre for Radiotherapy at Diakonie Hospital Stuttgart and head of finance and accounting department at the University Hospital Tübingen 

Ute Kötzle

Head of administration of the Centre for Radiotherapy at Diakonie Hospital Stuttgart and head of administration of medical care centres in the department of finance and accounting at the University Hospital Tübingen

Friedrich Wolf

Business Administration FH, controller of the Centre for Radiotherapy at Diakonie Hospital Stuttgart

and department controller at the University Department of Radiation Oncology at University Hospital Tübingen 

Aralia Deligianni

Medical radiation technologist

Claudia Kroll

Medical radiation technologist

Mareike Häfner

Medical radiation technologist

Carolin Ortinau

Medical radiation technologist

(Deputy head)

Erdal Parlak

Medical physicist