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We have given ourselves this mission

We offer high-precision radiotherapy counselling at a high university standard in the Stuttgart area. Each of our patients receives the optimal treatment and counselling appropriate to them.

  • Our broad spectrum of modern high-quality medicine and medical care includes counselling, prevention, therapy and the initiation of rehabilitation and palliative medical care.

  • The basic principles of our medical practice are proven treatment methods, the latest scientific findings, national and international guidelines and interdisciplinary cooperation.

  • We have special qualifications in our treatment fields as well as many years of experience, and are among the best in our field. By working closely with our partners, we are able to use special methods and multimodal therapies. 

The wellbeing and satisfaction of our patients and their relatives are always the first priority for us. We act responsibly with the trust that people place in us. 

  • We inform and advise our patients comprehensively, understandably and openly about all treatment options, their chances and risks and therapy alternatives, and we are always available for inquiries and problems.

  • We always treat our patients with kindness and respect. We respect the rights of self-determination of each patient and take into account their wishes as well as their cultural, linguistic and personal circumstances.

We appreciate and trust our staff and colleagues. 

  • ​We cultivate an open and critical communication culture under transparent leadership and involve our employees in decision-making processes.

  • We support our employees through challenging tasks with their own scope for design, recognition for services rendered, as well as specific professional training and further training opportunities.

  • We provide our employees with sufficient resources for their activities, protect them from stress and ensure their work safety.

  • We offer our employees a reliable workplace with appropriate compensation in a pleasant work environment, with flexible and family-friendly working hours.

We rely on partnership and cooperation - for the benefit of our patients.

  • ​We share our knowledge with all the facilities of the Diakonie Clinic, the University Hospital of Tübingen, the doctors, organ centres, and all other cooperation partners.

  • We strive for maximum interdisciplinary cooperation and make our responsible contribution towards this.

  • We maintain personal communication with our partners. This communication is targeted and fast.

  • We actively support our referring physicians in handling administrative tasks.

  • The billing of our services to the health insurance companies, private insurers and self-payers takes place promptly, transparently and is of an appropriate amount.

We take responsibility for resources. 

  • ​We want to do our part to ensure that modern high-quality medical care remains affordable for all population groups in the long term. That is why we use our time, labour and materials efficiently so that our centre remains economically efficient.

  • We will meet our responsibilities for the coming generations through the use of energy-saving and environmentally-friendly technologies.

  • We create the basis for successful and sustainable development through the responsible use of our financial resources.

  • We focus our financial decisions on maintaining our performance and competitiveness.



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