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Information for referrers.

Information for our referrers

We would be happy to work with you to develop an optimal treatment concept for your patients. Patients with special questions are presented in the interdisciplinary committees at the Diakonie Hospital. We also work closely with the University Hospital Tübingen. For our referrers, we can be reached directly by telephone quickly and easily. We guarantee maximum interdisciplinary cooperation, close coordination and joint decision-making.

Make an appointment
Please contact us by telephone on 0711 - 991 1460 between 8 am and 5 pm for a routine appointment. You can also contact us by email at
For questions to our medical colleagues we are directly accessible under
0711 -991 1467 directly accessible.


In order for us to prepare optimally for a consultation with your patients, please send us the following documents: 

  • ​A current referral (template 06)

  • A current doctor's letter

  • The copy of the histological original findings (from a punch biopsy and/or surgical preparation)

  • A current imaging (CT, MRT can also be given to the patient for the interview) with the related findings

The patients are treated by:

Dr. Dr. Patrizia Marini MD
Specialist in radiotherapy
Head physician of the MVZ Centre for Radiotherapy and Medical Genetics in Stuttgart

Dr. Esther Herrmann MD
Specialist in radiotherapy

Dr. Elke Scherer MD
Specialist in radiotherapy
Palliative medicine


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