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This is what 

Radiotherapy can do. 


Today, modern radiotherapy is one of the most effective and gentle procedures to treat diseases, prevent their progression, or alleviate pain. In addition to surgery and chemotherapy, radiation therapy is the most important method for treating cancer. This painless and non-invasive therapy makes it possible for patients to maintain a high quality of life.

In cancer treatment, the targeted use of ionizing radiation has made great progress in recent years: many tumours can be irradiated effectively and extremely precisely at the same time. Adjacent healthy areas of the body are thereby always better protected. Thanks to the special techniques used, side effects on our patients can now be significantly reduced.

Using state-of-the-art radiotherapy equipment, we treat a broad spectrum of oncological diseases according to the latest scientific findings.
We cooperate closely with all referring physicians. We are in constant professional exchange with all specialist disciplines of the Diakonie Clinic, particularly the certified organ centres. In addition, the referring GPs and specialists of our patients are also key partners in the treatment process.

Successful for non-malignant diseases​

We also treat non-malignant diseases with great success. Whether tennis elbow, arthrosis, or heel spur: even in these cases radiotherapy is accurate and precise. It can often alleviate pain where other medical methods have not been successful.
We would be pleased to advise you about the course of treatment and the treatment prospects of radiotherapy at Tuebingen University.

The costs of radiotherapy

Radiotherapy and human genetics are covered by health insurance...
And can therefore be used by all statutory and private insured persons.

Statutory health insurance
In principle, the costs for radiotherapy and human genetics are paid 100% by all statutory health insurance funds.

For radiotherapeutic treatment, a referral from the GP or specialist is necessary per quarter. Please bring it with you.

An appointment for genetic counseling may be made without a referral.

Private health insurance
As a rule, the private health insurance companies pay 100% of the costs.
Should your private health insurance provider wish to make a quotation before the start of treatment, we will gladly prepare it for you.

We would be happy to prepare a quotation for you before the start of treatment.

​Erfolgreich gegen gutartige Erkrankungen

Painless, non-invasive, and effective against cancer. 

Kosten der Strahlentherapie
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