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About us > Why come to us?

So that we can do our very best for you: We require the highest standards of ourselves.


The close connection to our "mother hospital", the university hospital in Tübingen, is of direct benefit to you. Our medical care centre is subject to strict quality standards, and at the same time has direct access to the specialist expertise and the latest knowledge of the University Hospital of Tübingen.

Our team consists exclusively of highly qualified specialists. Each individual treatment is individually planned and is checked and reviewed with great care. We treat a wide range of diseases with high precision using state-of-the-art devices. Rare special techniques such as brachytherapy, intraoperative radiotherapy, whole-body irradiation or hyperthermia, which we do not offer at the Stuttgart location, can be carried out without delay in Tübingen due to our close cooperation.

Physicians, medical assistants and physicists work hand in hand to enable treatment successes according to all the highest standards. This is the basis on which excellent medical results combined with humanity and care can flourish.

So that everything is considered: Systematic interdisciplinary cooperation with your doctors. 

Together with the specialists of all disciplines, we develop and implement the individually best and most promising treatment concept: This is our goal. The short line to your specialist or GP, as well as to the doctors of the Tübingen University Hospital and the Diakonie Clinic with its certified organ centre is of particular importance.
The interdisciplinary individual treatment concepts are developed in joint tumour committees according to national and international guidelines. So that you do not have to run from 'Pontius to Pilate', we will take care of the coordination with all the doctors involved directly for you.

So that all resources can be mobilised for your recovery: A holistic view of your health.

For us, you are more than just the "left breast" or "the tumour". We see you primarily as a person who we help and who we want to heal. We take the time to carry out an especially detailed consultation and clarification. We take your personal situation into consideration and keep our eye firmly on your worries, wishes and possibilities. We can advise you in general: You can also talk with us about complementary treatment methods. Because we know that treatment success not only depends on modern technology and tried and tested therapy concepts, but also individual life situations, emotional ties and trust. That is why it is so important for us that you feel secure and valued.

So that you can concentrate on what's important: The best service.

We organize the medicine around you. Because you have neither time nor energy to lose.
We give you appointments quickly, take your personal wishes for appointments into consideration, particularly short distances between patients and doctors, short waiting times in a friendly atmosphere, and always a personal word - all this should help you to experience your time with us as pleasantly as possible.

Why come

to us?

Our patients at the Centre for Radiation Therapy particularly value the high university level of our staff and technology, and at the same time, the straightforward  and personalised orientation. Just like they value our short-term appointments, comprehensive counselling, careful planning and precise therapy. 

High university level, both straightforward and personally oriented.

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