Consultation spectrum

In general, genetic counselling is paid for by the health insurance and can be used by all statutory and private insured persons. Human genetic counselling should be considered for questions of diagnosis, cause, therapy, and/or prognosis of a disease caused by genetic factors, or where genetics plays a role in the cause, as well as the importance of this for family planning (reoccurance risk, prenatal testing, etc.).

Possible reasons for a consultation are:


  • Congenital developmental disorders/intellectual disability and syndromal disorders

  • Neurogenetic diseases

  • Familial cancer

  • Fertility challenges / Infertility or multiple miscarriages

  • In vitro fertilisation or older age of the parents

  • Abnormal findings or exposure to teratogens (drugs, infections, alcohol, etc.) during pregnancy

  • Hereditary muscle diseases

  • Hereditary metabolic disorders

  • Hereditary renal disease

  • Hereditary eye diseases

consultation spectrum.

Human genetics > The consultation spectrum 


Here are some of the possible reasons for a human genetics consultation: 

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